Server upgrade for the forums

A new server for the forums, again! NGNM network has just purchased a new server for the 3 forums and Infolibertaire, a migration is therefore planned in the coming days. The reasons have nothing to do with technical performance – Server 3 fully meets the needs of the hosted sites as can be seen on […]

Anarcho Punk Radio: discover new bands with a randomized playlist

Want to discover new bands? The Anarcho Punk Radio generates a streaming music playlist on every page load by randomly selecting 100 songs from albums uploaded by forum members. It is therefore a collective resource from the community and continuously updated as new music is added. Info about each song is available below the music player […]

Direct democracy and self-management instead of forum moderators

All of our forums are collectively self-managed by their users using an anti-authoritarian moderation system. The decisions are voted through a direct democracy decision-making process involving all active forum members. Soon after the launch of the Forum, an innovative direct democracy was implanted on the forum to replace conventional moderators which can be seen […]

Protests events calendar aggregator

(en) Protests events calendar aggregator We are currently testing a new custom-made aggregator for the protests calendar on It is based on the same principle as the concert aggregator for Pirate Punk – events published on more than 25 different sites are now added to the forum’s calendar. Our new scraper bots have been programmed […]

Punk shows calendar aggregator on Pirate Punk

(en) Automated concert announcements on Pirate Punk! You may have noticed a new member on the forum lately: @ConcertsPunk This bot is designed by the Tech Team and will automatically post concert announcements found on various websites and add the events to the Pirate Punk calendar. Eventually, the technical team would like this new project […]

The end for

(en) The end for After 12 years online, it’s the end for Launched in 2008, QuebecUnderground was the “little brother” of Pirate-Punk. Inspired by the same model, the site consisted of a forum for free downloads. The only difference is that the site was focused on the Quebec scene. With hindsight, we realize that the Quebec […]

Anarcho-Punk Bands List & New Albums Releases

Introducing the largest online database of anarcho-punk bands! 3,500+ bands 7,800+ albums 55+ countries This new section is the perfect place to make new musical discoveries and get to know better the bands you download on this website. You can easily sort the bands by country or by musical genre, making it easy to find […]

News from Anarchist Federation are now integrated into the forums

Two years ago, the No Gods No Masters cooperative partnered up with the Anarchist Federation to launch an online news platform – live news from 250+ anarchist collectives Today, is the home to over 400 anarchist collectives and over 100,000 articles To expand our partnership, and are now displaying the latest […]

News from InfoLibertaire now integrated into the forums

The news from Info Libertaire is now displayed on the top of and InfoLibertaire aggregates articles from over 200 news sources related to anarchism into one convenient place The forums receive a lot of visitors every day so this new feature will help to bring a lot more attention to the information and […]

Pirate Punk version 2.0

Bienvenue sur la nouvelle version de Pirate Punk entièrement reconstruit et modernisé ! Beaucoup de travaux ont été fait afin de complètement reconstruire ce site web Nouveautés Nouveau logos et nouvelle interface graphique revue et améliorée. Faites nous part de vos commentaires! Changement majeur du logiciel qui fait tourner le forum, passage à XenForo et acquisition de […] Version 2.0

New features   New features added in June 2017:   Why a new website? 8 years ago, was launched using a customized version of a forum software called phpBB. The forum system was heavily modified to fit our needs for a music download database, making it almost impossible to upgrade and this is why […]

A new custom-made website for

Resistance is now rebranded as After more than 13 years of service under the address, the forum will now be known as The reasons for this change are mostly technical and were explained in other posts. The network acquired the domain name in 2012 and it was collectively decided to move […]