A new custom-made website for Libertaire.net

Resistance is now rebranded as Libertaire.net

After more than 13 years of service under the Resistance.tk address, the forum will now be known as Libertaire.net. The reasons for this change are mostly technical and were explained in other posts. The network acquired the domain name Libertaire.net in 2012 and it was collectively decided to move to the new address.

Our web designers have also made a new unique, custom-made graphic theme for the new site with a complete visual redesign from scratch.

Complete website rebuild from scratch

The old forum was based on a fully customized version of vBulletin over 13 years old. Several functions of the website had been customized by our programmers, which had the disadvantage of blocking any possibility of updating the core of the software, in addition to exposing us to potential security breaches.

13 years later, the software used was completely unsuited to the modern web of 2016 and a major update was inevitable. For example, the website didn’t have a responsive design so it wasn’t compatible with mobile devices which represent over half of the overall visitors today. This is why the website had to be completely rebuilt, based on new software (XenForo), and designed in such a way that it could easily be updated to survive in the future. Unfortunately, several custom features of the old forum have been lost for the time being.

All this is made possible thanks to the No-Gods-No-Masters.com coop which has invested a lot of time and funding to modernize the entire Resistance Network and its 5 websites. Let’s not forget that the t-shirt shop was originally created to self-finance the network’s websites, so it is a return to the sources of our basic commitments to invest in the reconstruction of the site.

This new website comes at a time when a strong decline in forum activity has been observed for at least a year, but we believe that these new features will give us the means to turn things around.

What’s New

The new features were explained in this forum thread:


Screenshot of the NEW version (XenForo)


Screenshot of the OLD version (vBulletin) 2003-2016


UPDATE – One year after the new version

Here are some statistics since 1 year:

  • Visitors per day jumped from 200 to 1000 per day, an increase of 500% in 3 years.
  • 90% of visitors are newcomers
  • 1 million page views in 1 year
  • 35% of new visitors return at least once to the site
  • On average each visitor reads 4.2 forum threads
  • 75% of visitors arrive here through a google search, 20% access the site directly and only 0.96% come from social networks (the community has collectively decided not to be present on Facebook)


Original Posts

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