No Gods No Masters Network

Providing web servers and programming help to the activist community since 2001

Who Are We?

The collective is born from a collaboration between a dozen of anarchist websites that required specialized webhosting needs. It started in 2001 under the name of Resistance Network which later teamed up with Anarkhia Collective to build our own self-managed servers. 

Our programmers create custom-made apps and tools for the communities we host, providing activists with tools that are usually reserved for professionals.

All of our servers and web development costs are funded by No Gods No Masters Cooperative

Dedicated Servers
Websites Hosted​
Years Active

What we provide

– 11 Dedicated Servers
– 3 Mail Servers
– Domain Names
– Content Delivery Network (CDN)
– Firewalls
– Anti-DDoS mitigation
– Caching systems
– Daily system backups
– Cold storage archive
– Hardware redundancy
– Custom-made plugins
– Exclusive newsletter system
– Plesk Panels
– Traffic Analytics

– 1 Gbps network
– SSL Encryption and HSTS
– Unlimited bandwidth


What we do

– Frontend Web Development (HTML, CSS, JS)
– Backend Programming (PHP, MySQL)
– Linux System Administration
– 24/7 Pro-Active Server Management
– Database maintenance and optimization
– Cyber-security
– Postmaster admin
– Email delivery optimization (SPF, DMARC, DKIM)
– Bounces handling and IP reputation management
– Backups & Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
Page Speed Insights (PSI) Optimization
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Web design and infographics
– Platform maintenance (WP, XF, etc)
– Legal defense against censorship
– Logs analysis
– Tech support for hosted sites

Latest News

Announcements, server updates and technical issues reports

We Build Online Communities

Custom-made forums with unique features made by and for activists
Total Members
Total Posts
Total Downloads Shared is an international community of punks united against capitalism, racism and authoritarianism. We’re also hosting the biggest online database of anarchist punk music albums downloads. 

Members: 21,000

Posts: 105,000

Downloads: 6,000

Online since: 2009

Pirate-Punk is a punk music sharing community for the french punk and skinhead scene. Since 2008, the site has provided collaborative tools and a music distribution platform that hosts several thousand albums available for free download.

Members: 45,000

Posts: 260,000

Downloads: 21,000

Online since: 2008 is a french-speaking anarchist forum launched in 2001.  It was originally the first website hosted by the network. The community is self-managed by its members. The forum feature political debates around anarchism, news, anarchist literature, and media downloads.

Members: 15,000

Posts: 205,000

Downloads: 6,000

Online since: 2001

Quebec Underground was a bilingual punk community active between 2008 and 2020. It featured forums, downloads, bands listing, and punk shows announcement. In 2022, the forum was merged with Pirate-Punk.

Members: 11,500

Posts: 20,000

Downloads: 6,000

Active years: 2008 to 2020

Punk Download is a dedicated server hosting the music albums uploaded by the members of the forums. It provides a reliable and free alternative to commercial hosting companies. Today, this server is hosting over 10,000 music album downloads available for free, making it the largest online collection of underground punk music.

Downloads: 10,000

Online since: 2012 was a music sharing community active between 2005 and 2022. The website was put offline in the end of 2022 because the phpBB forum is outdated. The team who manages this forum is working on a new version.

Members: 14,000

Posts: 160,000

Active years: 2005 to 2022

More than just forums

Each forum is running a customized XenForo version with unique plugins developed by our team to meet the specific needs of each community. Learn More

Self-Managed Communities

The forums are built on direct democracy and anti-authoritarian principles. Decisions are taken collectively and all members can participate. The role of moderators is limited to applying the decisions voted by members Learn More

Bands Discovery

Our scraper bots import all information related to bands in our database. We aggregate biographies, albums lists, photos, social links, and more. New albums releases are automatically announced on the site and sent to our subscribers. Learn More

Protests Calendar

The events announcements posted on other websites are automatically added to the calendar and members of the forums are notified about upcoming events. Learn More


Members of the forums receive the newsletter every month with new album releases and upcoming punk shows. We help bands to reach their fans with our large audiences. Learn More

Punk Shows Listing

We aggregate the punk shows announcements founds from multiple sources into one convenient calendar. Subscribers are notified about upcoming events nearby. Learn More

Music Downloads

We host the largest online databases of free punk downloads with over 30,000 music albums across all forums. Learn More

News Distribution

The latest news from Anarchist Federation and its multi-lingual sites are automatically displayed on top of each website. Learn More

Partner of the Anarchist Federation is a multi-lingual network of 10 websites integrating daily news from over 2,000 anarchist collectives and related activist news sources. It is the largest database of anarchist information, news, and literature. Each platform is autonomous and self-managed by its own independent team.

Learn More

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The Anarchist Forum is the place where the community self-manage its platforms. Since all websites are collaborative projects, anyone can suggest websites to add or remove.

We believe in direct democracy and also believe it has to be done in a transparent and inclusive form. Hence why we think a public forum is the best way to make it easy for anyone to get involved.

Technical issues can be reported in this forum. This is also the best way to get in touch with the tech team for any other reason.

Vegan News is a branch out of the Anarchist Federation platform made by a collective who wanted a vegan aggregator of their own. The site is based on the same platform developed by our programmers, but the branch is maintained independently by its own team.

Webhosting Cooperative

We host websites of anarchist collectives and punk bands, providing them with full-featured and pro-actively managed hosting services for free.
Each website is independently managed by its own autonomous team. We only provide hosting, server management and tech support.

Why we run our own self-managed servers

✓ Managed by a team of volunteer activists
✓ Not owned by a capitalist business
✓ Non-commercial and no ads
✓ Complete control over the data
✓ Prevent unauthorized access to private information
✓ Better protection against hackers
✓ Support resource-intensive applications
✓ No censorship

For privacy reasons, we do not have a public list of all of the websites that we host. Only the websites that are fully managed by the Tech Team are listed here.

Powered By 100% Green Energy

All of our servers are powered by renewable energy. Our main data center is among the top 2% most environmentally efficient data centers in the world based on PUE rating.

Our main servers are located in the Beauharnois data center near Montreal and just next to the hydroelectric dam.

Traditional data centers are wasting energy and polluting the planet. The energy footprint is estimated at 7% of global electricity consumption and projected to reach 21% of the total demand. The internet is responsible for around 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions, exceeding the airline industry.

The Newsletters

Promoting social struggles and political bands to a large audience. Our mail servers are optimized for enhanced mail delivery and managed by a team of experienced system admins.

This project is interesting because it has a real-world impact. Sending an e-mail to over 100,000 subscribers can definitely have an influence over the number of persons who will attend the events, read the news, or even buy albums from the bands.
Active Subscribers

Each of the 10 websites from the Anarchist Federation Network has its own language-specific newsletter. Once per week, an e-mail is sent with the list of the Top 50 most-read articles of the last 7 days.

Forum members are also subscribed to receive the news, depending on their language.

Total Subscribers: 85,000

Forum members of and receive the newsletter each month with the list of the most recent albums releases from the bands listed on our sites.

The objective is to help the bands to promote their albums to a very large audience since the forums have a lot of members.

The new albums releases are automatically imported from various external sources by our robots (Discogs,, Musicbrainz, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc)

Total Subscribers: 65,000

Members of Pirate-Punk forum receive the upcoming shows list by e-mail. The events are aggregated from multiple sources and imported into the forum’s calendar.

Total Subscribers: 45,000

NGNM Shop Cooperative

Building solidarity and donating to activist charities since 2009

No Gods No Masters Cooperative was launched in 2008 as a non-profit t-shirts shop with the objective of raising money to fund the servers for anarchist websites and online punk communities.

Through the years it has evolved into an international collective that funds, manage, and develop over 10 servers and 30 websites. The shop collaborate with bands and independent artists from all over the world.

When the sales exceeds the expenses, the cooperative makes donation to over 30 charities and activist organizations.

  • Ethical products, certified sweatshop-free
  • Approved by fair labor certifications (WRAP, FLA, VFL, SEDEX)
  • Certified 100% Vegan by PETA
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing
  • Fair trade certified cotton, ethically produced in the USA
  • Read our commitment against forced labor
  • Ethical guidelines & manufacturer’s working conditions
  • Printed with 100% organic inks

French version of the shop, active since 2008

Spanish version of the shop, active since 2013

Portuguese version of the shop, active since 2021

German version of the shop, active since 2022

Defend Animals is a branch out of the No Gods No Masters collective made by vegan activists who wanted a shop of their own. 

The shop has a partnership with PETA and all of the products are certified 100% vegan. 

Defend Animals has donated to many animal rights charities such as the Humane Society and the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA).

The Tech Team

The Tech Team is a group of programmers, tech enthusiasts, and activists with advanced IT knowledge. We are a collective of individuals from all over the world who speak different languages to cover a variety of international websites. Members of our team are located in different countries and time zones, allowing us to offer in-house 24/7 server monitoring and very fast response times.

We unite under the common goal of helping other activists to achieve an online presence and get the tech support that is sometimes rare to find for free. The team works behind the scene to manage the servers on a daily basis and protect them from hackers.


Join the Tech Team

Want to contribute? Here are the skills we are looking for:

– HTML/CSS/JS Frontend Developer
– PHP Backend Developer
– Linux Sysadmins
– Forum Moderators
– Data Entry Tasks (WordPress)
– Translators
– Social Community Managers
– Legal Defense Expertise

No Gods, No Masters, No Webmasters!

Each website that we host is moderated by its own collective. The most critical decisions are always delegated to the communities. The Tech Team’s role is purely technical – we take care of the bugs but we do not get involved in the day-to-day content moderation. We strongly believe this separation of power is very important to respect the principles of direct democracy and self-management.

Report a technical problem

Found a bug or a server is down? If you’re part of a website that we host or just a member of the community, you can use this form to contact the Tech Team and the issue will be handled quickly.

Previous technical issues reports can be found here in english and french

Need help, comrade?

Got a website in bad shape that needs an update, or just looking for webhosting? If you run a large website that requires something specific that is not available with standard free webhosting, contact us and let’s see what we can do to help. For the average website with standard requirements, we recommend a shared hosting.