Anarcho-Punk Newsletter

Each month, the newsletter is automatically sent to all forum members, usually 3 days before the end of the month. The email contains the list of the 50 latest anarcho-punk album releases with a link to the bands’ pages.

As the forum has around 20,000 registered members, we are hoping that this new feature will help give more visibility to bands releasing albums after this difficult pandemic period for musicians.

We also hope that it will contribute to increasing the activity of the forum. Most of the 20,000 registered members are inactive accounts, but by receiving the monthly newsletter, members will be encouraged to return to participate in the community.

The newsletter is an extension of our previously released Anarcho-Punk Encyclopedia: Anarcho-Punk Bands List & Albums Releases


All forum members who have checked the box to receive forum emails (in the profile options) are automatically subscribed to the newsletter. To unsubscribe, simply click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.


The best way to make sure you receive our e-mails is to add [email protected] to your trusted senders list in your e-mail provider. Some email providers (including Hotmail) block forum emails from being sent, or messages end up in the spam folder. If you do not receive the email after the last day of the month, please report the problem in this thread for an admin to check.


Each year and bring us custom-made features thanks to the technical and financial support of No Gods No Masters Coop and the programmers of the These features are exclusive to and To make this project possible, NGNM Coop financed the purchase and hosting of a new mutual Mail Server for the forums.

Meet the team here: Anarchist Forum

Here is an excerpt of the e-mail you will receive: