Server upgrade for the forums

A new server for the forums, again!

NGNM network has just purchased a new server for the 3 forums and Infolibertaire, a migration is therefore planned in the coming days.

The reasons have nothing to do with technical performance – Server 3 fully meets the needs of the hosted sites as can be seen on the monitoring tools.

The reasons:

– Aging hardware: Server 3 was purchased 7 years ago and has already been recycled twice, its life cycle is over. You can get better for less today.
Note: the server was replaced by the data center insurance following the fire of March 2021, but with the same equipment as the old server used for 7 years, and at the same price as when the service contract was signed with the data center.

– Lower expenses: Server 3 is the one that costs the most in monthly fees, it doesn’t make sense because the hardware is of inferior quality than other servers which costs us more. This is explained by the fact that the service contract with the data center was signed almost 7 years ago and today we can get much better for less. By replacing the hardware with more modern ones, costs are lowered without penalizing Server 3, which maintains the same performance.

– Migration to Alma Linux: Our 3 main servers are still running on Linux CentOS which is at the end of its life, which forces us to migrate to another Linux distribution. A migration to Alma Linux has been planned for a long time, this will be the opportunity to do it.

–, the big winner of this migration: Lowering the expenses of Server 3 allows NDNM to increase the expenses of Server 2 which hosts the 10 sites of the AnarchistFederation Network and 4 other sites. Unlike the server hosting the forums, Server 2 is over capacity and needs a CPU upgrade.

This restructuring will therefore allow the resources of the network to be redirected where they are really needed and will give the Anarchist Federation Network (on Server 2) the possibility of launching new sites.

Once the migration is complete, the old Server 3 will be retired (because it has already been recycled twice in the network) so the final count of the network servers will remain the same (10)

This will be a work spread over several weeks, and temporary closure of each forum will be necessary before each migration (about 24h-48h) in order to avoid data loss. A notice will be published in advance.