Newsletters with over 100,000 subscribers

In 2022 the team focused its efforts on one of the largest projects we have ever been working on, with the launch of 15 newsletters in 9 different languages.

We grouped together all of the subscribers from each website we manage – over 125,000 unique subscribers in total – and built a weekly or monthly newsletter for each site, to send relevant content to its members.

The main objective was to help the news media and bands reach a larger audience while ensuring our members only receive content relevant to their interests and their own language. So the content received by the subscriber will be different depending on where they subscribed from. For example, members of the forum will receive emails about the latest punk album releases in English, while members of the french forum will receive the latest anarchist news in french.

This project is interesting because it has a real-world impact. Sending an e-mail to over 100,000 subscribers can definitely have an influence over the number of persons who will attend the events, read the news, or even buy albums from the bands.


Key statistics as of January 2023

  • Over 130,000 subscribers
  • 100,000 active subscribers
  • 500,000 e-mails sent per month
  • Over 3.5M e-mails were sent in the second half of 2022
  • Around 10% open rate
  • 50 new subscribers every day
  • 18,000 new subscribers per year
  • Very low bounce rate and spam block


Anarchist Federation Newsletters

Each of the 10 websites from the Anarchist Federation Network has its own language-specific newsletter. Once per week, an e-mail is sent with the list of the Top 50 most-read articles of the last 7 days.

Forum members are also subscribed to receive the news, depending on their language.

Total Subscribers: 85,000


English: Anarchist Federation

French: Info Libertaire

Spanish: Federación Anarquista

German: Anarchistische Föderation

Portuguese: Federação Anarquista

Italian: Revoluzione Anarchica


Greek: Αναρχικά Νέα

Turkish: Anarsist Haberler newsletter

Forum members of and receive the newsletter each month with the list of the most recent album releases from the bands listed on our sites.

The objective is to help the bands to promote their albums to a very large audience since the forums have a lot of members.

The latest albums releases are automatically imported from various external sources by our robots (Discogs,, Musicbrainz, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc)

Total Subscribers: 65,000


Punk Shows Newsletter

Members of the Pirate Punk forum receive the list of upcoming shows by e-mail. The events are aggregated from multiple sources and imported into the forum’s calendar.

Total Subscribers: 45,000




The Newsletter Dashboard

To manage such a big mailing list, the team had to create its own customized dashboard. Because when sending e-mails to over 100,000 users, there are A LOT of things that could go wrong. The team uses this dashboard every day to monitor deliverability and many other metrics to ensure everything is running fine. A lot of effort has been invested by our programmers to create this tool. One of the big advantages is that we can monitor all of our servers from the same dashboard.

In this article, we will introduce only the most useful tools, but the team has created many other tools that are integrated into the dashboard.

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