New server for the forums

We have just completed the migration to the new server ! All users should now be redirected to the new server but some of them may not be able to reach the new server until 48 hours depending on your internet provider.

The last server that was purchased in 2011 and it began to show some difficulties through the last year which manifested itself by recurrent failures and general slowness. So we invested in a new server several times more powerful than the old one and hired professionals to help with the move. After a long process of around 3 weeks and a lot of work, the migration is now almost complete !

Some messages posted recently could have been lost during the migration process but it appears to be minimal.

Just a comparative information – the old server had 8GB of memory and 2 processors, the new server has 8 processors and 64GB of memory !

This new server will host the main part of and other websites. It will also be much more “future-proof” to survive for several years without problems. It is also much more expensive, but don’t worry everything will be paid with the t-shirt sales from, no need for donations or ads :)

If you face any problems, please report it here: