10 servers and 30 activist websites hosted by NGNM Cooperative

Our network now has 10 servers in total, which are fully funded by the NGNM coop, and hosts more than thirty activist sites free of charge. This logistical and financial support also includes web development, web design, backend programming, 24/7 system administration, cybersecurity, and technical support. These services normally reserved for professionals are made accessible to the activist community through the sales of t-shirts.

The Anarchist Federation Network is a self-managed federation of anarchist websites. It is collectively managed by its members and has its own forum for collective decisions.

Our Servers

Server 1 (North America)

Server 2 (North America) – NEW

Server 3 (Europe)

Server 4 (Europe)

Server 5 (Europe)

  • Free web hosting for activist organizations and bands that are not directly linked to the Resistance Network

Server 6 (North America)

  • The backend of the bands database used on Pirate-Punk.net and Anarcho-Punk.net
  • Based on bots monitoring updates on external sites (discogs, lastfm, youtube) to import the information of bands shared by forum members (biography, photos, band members, album list, videos, etc)

Server 7 (North America)

  • Database and load-balancing

Server 8 (North America)

  • Backups storage

Server 9 (Europe)

  • Backups storage

Server 10 (North America)

  • Private development server to test the new functions

Other IT infrastructures:

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Anti-DDoS Firewall (mitigation of computer attacks)
  • Off-Site Cold Backups
  • WebMail
  • 1gbps dedicated network


Web Servers Powered by 100% Green Energy

All of our servers are powered by 100% renewable energy. For more information, please see SUSTAINABILITY & ECO-FRIENDLY PRINTING


Original Post

10 servers and 30 activist websites hosted by NGNM Cooperative


Update 2022

The information on this page is partially outdated after the addition of a new server in December 2022 as well as a restructuring of the network with the migration of some websites on different servers.