PunkDownload.com – New file hosting server for APN

Back in 2013, we teamed up with 3 other punk forums to create our own server serving as a reliable web hosting solution for the music album downloads shared by the members of the forums Anarcho-Punk.net and Pirate-Punk.net and two other online communities. Today, this server is hosting over 10,000 music album downloads available for free, making it the […]

New Music Download System

After a lot of work, we’re very excited to introduce the new version of the Anarcho-Punk.net downloads system! Here’s a summary of the most interesting features of this custom system developed just for APN using modern technologies and professional tools.   Bands information with downloads To help people to learn more about the bands they’re […]

Peer2peer music sharing server on Soulseek

Did you know that PunkDownload.com also runs a music-sharing server on Soulseek since 2015? Soulseek is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing network and application. It is known for making it easy to find underground albums including many rarities. Soulseek is widely used among the punk community and record collector enthusiasts. All of the albums are hosted […]