2 new servers for Anarchist Federation Network

As announced last month, NGNM coop has purchased a new server to replace the aging Server 3 which hosts the forums. This restructuring of the network allows for increasing the financing of the server of AnarchistFederation.net which badly needs an upgrade. After long internal discussions with the technical team and an analysis of our options […]

Anarsist Haberler – a new Turkish version of the Anarchist Federation

At the request of our anarchist comrades from Turkey, we have launched a Turkish version of the Anarchist Federation platform. This is now the 10th language that we are supporting. We are very happy to see this platform’s continued growth and we look forward to expanding to new languages in the future! Visit Website: https://www.AnarsistHaberler.net […]

Anarchist news in greek language

Following a collaboration with local anarchists from Greece, AnarchistFederation.net is now available in the greek language! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this project. Site: https://www.anarxiki-omospondia.gr/ Forum discussion: https://forum.anarchistfederation.net/d/26-anarxiki-omospondiagr-anarxika-nea-greek We are always looking into expanding our support to new languages. If you want your own language supported, join the forum and suggest it to the […]

Lancement de InfoLibertaire.net

infoLibertaire.net permet d’avoir rapidement des infos et des actualités quotidiennes provenant de sources diverses de la presse militante. Plus de 300 sources sont automatiquement diffusées ici dès que du nouveau contenu est disponible, réunissant ainsi les publications de médias alternatifs francophones influencés par les idées libertaires et antifascistes. Plus qu’un simple relai médiatique, infoLibertaire.net est […]