Launching our first file hosting server!

As you may know, most of our downloads were offline for 1 year following issues with copyright (read more here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8983)

We have finally came up with a permanent solution to the download’s file hosting problem by creating our own file hosting service. After 1 month of hard work, it’s finally ready !

What is it ?

In a few words: better than mediafire, faster than other hosts, no ads, no paid subscribtion, no waiting, no bullshit.
We have full control over the server, so nothing will ever get deleted for no reason. We also take regular backups so if something goes wrong, we can restore the server with all downloads in a couple of hours. Nothing will ever get lost.

Are you a big uploader ? This service is for you !

This service is offered for uploaders with at least 50 uploads on the forum.
Did you upload dozens of albums that were deleted by mediafire ? Don’t have the time to re-upload everything ? We’ve made things simple for you !

APN’s file hosting server feature FTP upload system, which means you just have to connect to the server through a FTP client (it’s very easy, a tutorial will be posted soon) and then you can upload as many albums as you want in only 1 click ! The best part is that you have nothing else to do, just upload the album (in a .ZIP file) and the server will automatically post the album on the forum (using your username) and include the list of the songs inside the album.

Where to find the new downloads ?

To make thing easier for everyone, the files hosted by Anarcho-Punk will appear in GREEN when browsing forum or searching for something. The purpose is that when a search gives multiple results, you can easily pick the file hosted by APN and can be 100% sure that the link is online and working.

For now, you will find the downloads hosted by APN server in a different forum here : viewforum.php?f=102
Once the testing phase is done, the downloads will be moved on the same forum than others albums.

Testing phase

The system is currently in a beta-test phase to ensure everything is working correctly. So please report ANY bug you encounter.
Once the testing phase is over, the downloads will be moved in the same forum than where the other albums are located.

When we are 100% sure that everything is working correctly, an e-mail will be sent to all users to tell them that the downloads are back. We hope that this will increase the activity of the forum that has been going down since the downloads stopped working.

Support us

It costs us a lot of money to bring you those downloads for free without ads. We had to buy two more dedicated servers, so our network has now 4 dedicated servers. We need a lot of space and very high bandwidth and this isn’t cheap.
All this couldn’t be possible without the t-shirts sale, so if you appreciate our work and want to support us you can either make a donation or buy a t-shirt @

Some technical specs’s forum is already running on its own dedicated server but we had to buy another linux dedicated server that is used only to host the files and serve the downloads.

We currently have a dedicated 500gb disk for our files and we can upgrade it to a 1TB disk or even 2TB in the future. The best part is that we have a DEDICATED 100 mbps ethernet port which guarantees optimal download speeds with unlimited bandwidth.

All the scripts were written by myself from scratch to suits our needs.

Future features

In the near future, a single-upload function will be added right into the forum and all members with X posts will automatically gain access to the feature. So when you add a new topic inside the download forums, you will be able to select a file to upload on our server.

BIG UPDATE ! MP3 Streaming is now LIVE !

You are now able to play all tracks of a mp3 album right in your web browser without having to download anything !

Take a look here for a demo:

The next update will enable album covers into the forum. The scripts will automatically extract the images of the album covers and put them right into the forum so you can view the artwork before downloading. I will have to find the artworks for each albums uploaded on the forum and re-upload all albums to include the artworks, so it can take some time. Expect the feature somewhere next month.

Another planned update is “Anarcho-Punk Radio” which will make a playlist from random songs found in the forum’s uploads. This will be a great tool to discover new music.

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