New Music Download System

After a lot of work, we’re very excited to introduce the new version of the downloads system! Here’s a summary of the most interesting features of this custom system developed just for APN using modern technologies and professional tools.


Bands information with downloads

To help people to learn more about the bands they’re listening to, a lot of information about the band is displayed when downloading an album. We use multiple online services like, Discogs, Youtube, Wikipedia (etc) to automatically find the best information about the band like a biography (now improved), pictures, discography, band members’ names (current and past), record information, etc. We don’t want you to just download music but also learn about the scene. Our system also uses A.I. to find Youtube links to stream the albums if it’s available

Example with a Subhumans album:


Promoting labels

We added a new function to automatically find the label that released the album. Our system will find the label’s description, website, Wikipedia page, Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. We do this to encourage users to buy original albums and support the labels. By promoting labels on this website, we bring them free traffic and buyers for their online stores. We always said that free downloads aren’t killing the scene and now we’re showing you how it can actually help bands and labels to sell more albums and not the opposite.
Here’s an example with a random Zounds album:


Band photos

Each band has its own gallery with pictures imported from various sources



Similar artists

We use external services like Last.FM and Discogs to find similar bands and display “recommended bands” under each download. For example, if you check Oi Polloi downloads we will check online databases to find what other bands are liked by people who like Oi Polloi, so the suggestions are very accurate.


Improved search engine

We bought a license for a top-of-the-line Artificial Intelligence system to provide more accurate search results. Some features include a better search results algorithm, auto-correcting grammar mistakes, matching word variants and synonyms, auto-completing search queries with suggestions from commonly searched terms, and much more.
When browsing the forums or downloads section, a preview image of the album’s cover is now displayed next to the thread’s title

Note: All functions in this list are AUTOMATED. This means that the user who posts the thread doesn’t have anything to do. The power of this system is that everything is automated through our custom-coded system which will detect the band name from the thread title and find the related information. Old threads are updated automatically with the new features.

We’re now not only the biggest online database of anarcho-punk downloads but also the biggest database of useful information about the scene, the bands, and the albums. APN is literally an encyclopedia now 


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