2 new servers for Anarchist Federation Network

As announced last month, NGNM coop has purchased a new server to replace the aging Server 3 which hosts the forums. This restructuring of the network allows for increasing the financing of the server of AnarchistFederation.net which badly needs an upgrade.

After long internal discussions with the technical team and an analysis of our options for the purchase of a new server, the choice was finally made. It is not a single server but TWO servers that will replace Server 2 which hosts AnarchistFederation.net. This means the upgrade of the actual Server 2 plus an addition of a new one referred to as Server 5

The network therefore adds a new permanent server in its infrastructure which goes from 10 servers to 11 servers including 5 main servers

The team would have preferred to stick to a single server to reduce their workload, but technically that doesn’t make sense. The main reason that forced this choice is the growth of the network – AnarchistFederation.net uses 300GB of disk space but the site has been around for about 2 years. This means that the technical team must provide 150GB of disk space for each additional year that the site operates. Based on these projections, it is impossible for a single server to meet the needs of this platform, because the current 800GB disk is almost full.

The 2 new servers are spread over different geographical locations in order to cover the entire planet. One is placed in the European data center and the other in North America.

In the end, the capacity of AnarchistFederation.net will be doubled, so twice as much memory, disk space, bandwidth, and processors.

InfoLibertaire, meanwhile, remains hosted on Server 3 so is not affected by these changes


Websites hosted on Server 2 (NA data center)


Websites hosted on Server 5 (EU data center)


Servers load BEFORE the migration

The monitoring graphs clearly show that Server 2 which hosts AnarchistFederation.net is much more overloaded than all the others. Server 2 CPU load level often reaches over 80% while other servers are usually below 40%
Servers Monitoring – No Gods No Masters Network


Servers load AFTER the migration

Now that 5 of the websites were moved from Server 2 to Server 5, we can see that the CPU use of Server 2 is down to a more reasonable level with its load now being split among 2 servers instead of 1
Servers Monitoring – No Gods No Masters Network